People Need to Know You Care

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These words are the beginning of the phrase that I associate with Frank Maguire:
People need to know you care,
Before they care how much you know.

I begin this posting with Frank because of his closeness with one of the early champions of being mindful, awake and aware: Anthony deMello, S.J. Frank was a close friend of Anthony deMello. His comment continues to be true about de Mello’s book, Awareness: The Perils and Opportunities of Realty, was: ‘Awareness’ will be the critical test of American business in the next decade. I call it the ‘business of awareness.’


I see Frank as the Forest Gump of leadership and management communications.

Frank was cofounder and still runs Hearth Communications Inc., a management consulting communications firm. His partner when Hearth Communications started was a Jesuit priest. The word “hearth” was carefully selected.

When you look at the word “hearth” you see it contains: ear, hear, heart, earth. The history of the hearth puts it as an integral part of home as its central and most important feature. Around it the family was drawn. Around the hearth stories were passed from generation to generation. For me, hearth demonstrates the message and the metamessage of what Frank has carried on in his teaching and speaking engagements.

Frank was the head of program development at ABC Radio Network. He hired and gave two broadcasters their first on-the-air jobs: Ted Koppel and Charles Osgood. He served on the executive team during the administrations of JFK and Lyndon Johnson.

As the first Senior VP of Industrial Relations at FedEx he created the personnel, communications and employee relationship programs

As a Senior VP Frank worked with Colonel Sanders in launching KFC’s empire during the 1970’s. He played a key role in the international expansion of American Airlines.

From all those experiences come Frank’s stories that convey how we want to be communicated with. To all that hear and take to heart, Frank shows that the role of leadership gets the message across when the leader is speaking from the heart and speaking to the heart of those who follow.

You can subscribe to Frank’s monthly newsletter: As I See It. He has much to share. If you are in a leadership role Frank has much to share with you.

Check out his Insight Monographs.

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  1. Daniel said on September 21st, 2007 at 6:01 pm

    I have heard this quote before but did not know who to attribute the quote to. Thanks for sharing. Do you know the source of this quote by Frank? Did it come from a book or speech or some other event? I could not find it on his website or in quote books.

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